Brother Printer troubleshooting

If you find yourself having trouble getting a Brother printer to publish, first check to find out if you're able to see any sign of what the issue could be on your personal computer or the printer. Look to find out if your computer or the printer is displaying any error message.

If you do see an error message, check the Brother website for advice on the best way to take care of the situation and follow the instructions. Brother printer troubleshooting site includes information on how to solve many standard kinds of problems. For instance, if you find a paper jam error, Brother's website can guide you through safely removing the jammed page from the printer.

The site proposes opening the top cover and releasing the strain release levers on the fusing unit, opening the rear access cover and slowly removing the page, and then resetting the gears and replacing the covers. If you are uncomfortable following the instructions or the suggestions don't help, contact an IT expert, the location where you bought the printer or Brother's technical assistance hotline for aid.

If there's no error message, but the printer still refuses to publish, you might need to explore further. First, you can try restarting the printer, and the computer in case either is having difficulties. Be sure to save your work before rebooting. Also, be sure that the printer and computer are correctly hooked up to power, network, and printer cables so that messages may go between the two.
If the printer is directly hooked up to the computer, you can try using another printer cable to see if this is causing the problem.

If it's hooked up via a home or office network, then see whether another device can print to the printer and verify that your system is functioning normally by obtaining a site. If the network seems to be behaving strangely, attempt to reboot your routers and assess any wires, or contact whoever set up the system for support. Once the system goes back to normal, try printing again.

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